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Last Fall on the Blacktop

  For a stretch of about a hundred meters,  down Double Bluff Road, I like to drive like a crazy person might.  I’m careful. I check to see if anyone’s about, but then I make an effort to  slow the … Continue reading

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Mrs. Pinnell’s Pansies

Nana’s big car oozed to a stop under trees hanging over the narrow driveway and she folded her hands in her lap after pulling on short white gloves which had ridden between us on the seat. “So, Ginny -lee,” she … Continue reading

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Take Two on “They Say”

Be Mindful It is the key to so much. I first heard it and learned the term in yoga class in the late seventies. I took it to mean “focus” or “pay attention” and ran with it. In the last … Continue reading

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Memories of Sleep

Sometimes Memory is the most comfortable place to be. I can choose the one I want and go there at will. The ones popping unbidden to mind are not always the comfortable ones, but when I choose, it’s likely to … Continue reading

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How it is now (being a swinger)

Learning to catch the rhythms of me has taken a lifetime. As you may know I’m a pendulum swinger of the extreme variety and after all this practice there is no difficulty staying in the moment of focus at the … Continue reading

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